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2017 mid-year Recognition Party


In the afternoon of August 9, we have the Recognition Party in the office to recognise the contribution of DS who promote their status in the 1st half year of 2017.

Our GMD, Madam Yeung, has her birthday in September, we celebrate with her in this occassion. After the birthday cake cutting ceremony, Yeung talks about her successful experience in Lifestyles over 20 years. She then invites the status promoted DS to share their experience on taking Intra. Many DS go to the stage for sharing.

After the sharing, we have a Q&A section to test the degree of DS to know about Nutria. There is no difficulty for them to answer the questions correctly. Every one of them can get the prize.

The last section is the lucky draw. Everyone participates in the draw very much. Though not everyone can win the prize, they all find exciting. After the draw, we prepare refeshment for the DS. They all carry on to talk about Intra with the yummy food.

Guests are waiting for the beginning of the party.
Wish GMD Yeung has a wonderful birthday in Sept.
GMD Yeung shares her 20 years Intra experience.
DS share their Intra experience.
Yeung encourages DS to share her Intra story.
Nutria Q&A
Thinking the answer
Winning prize for correctly answer
Further explain on Nutria information
I also win the Q&A prize, yeah!
Lucky draw, win win win.
Refreshment, yummy yummy!